An area of 25,000 sq ft – A deadline of 5 days – And Florida’s leading Epoxy Flooring company, Satin Finish Concrete. 

No Job Too Big For Satin Finish Concrete! – 25,000 sq ft Of Epoxy Floor Perfection – Their Biggest Warehouse Yet.

2019 has already provided Satin Finish Concrete with great success and this month saw a 25,000 sq ft Warehouse – their biggest and fastest job to date!

A collaboration between Robe lighting & Satin Finish Concrete ended with a beautiful grey epoxy floor installation to improve this businesses first impression. See the results below.

Robe lighting is a manufacturing company based in Davie, FL. Making innovative, high quality moving lights and digital lighting products for all industries. Founded in 1990 Ladislav Petrek and his business partner Josef Valchar saw a very creative and in demand niche which is still experiencing record growth in all sectors and their products can be found on stages, in concert halls and TV studios all over the world. Want to know more? contact them today at 

Robe lighting is due to open their doors in Central South Florida, their newest location. With only a 5 day window between new flooring and their warehouse furniture arriving SFC had a big job on their hands. This project consisted of preparation of existing floors , patching any areas of the floor that were damaged, and the application of epoxy resin.

Peter and the crew worked 24 hours around the clock to execute this project and here are the results… If you would like to see the video check out Satin Finish Concrete’s Facebook page!

BEFORE – SFC Crew grinding the concrete


AFTER – Here’s a snippet of the Standard Medium Gray Epoxy installed in just one small area (2,100 sq ft.) – next on this floor was a clear epoxy coat to really make those floors shine!!

robe lighting after


If you have a business that would benefit from Stain, Slip and Chip free flooring, which is affordable, and easily maintained. Call Peter now SFC will assess your floors and give you a free estimate!! A hassle free way to get your dream floors!

Make your business stand out with a flooring that will wow your customers

Contact Peter Ajello for a FREE estimate @ 954-678-8160


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Satin Finish Concrete…You’ll be Floored by the Results!


Author – Katie Howe
Date – 03/10/2019

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