Weight Loss Celebrity Owner of Satin Finish Concrete and Artist and Owner of American Epoxy Start New Trend in Residential Homes Across the Country!!

Satin Finish Concrete and American Epoxy have combined forces to be one out of a few companies in the country to go over existing concrete, tile, marble, terrazzo or wood with their extremely popular, state of the art Epoxy flooring. This is saving home owners and commercial business spaces a boat load of money in demo and dust! Typical tile removal is about 2$ per square foot, then dumpster fees and disposal along with dust and dirt, even with the best of vacuums.

So by saving the money on the tile or wood removal and demo, people can put those extra funds from that budget into state of the art epoxy flooring. Pictured above are some of our latest jobs!

Check us out and follow us on FaceBook, press like and subscribe to our YouTube channel for live action videos of our projects.


Visit us at: www.SatinFinishConcrete.com and www.SFCPainting.com

We are nationwide and serve everyone from the common home to the rich and famous. Contact us for a free estimate! Your floors can be next!

Mind Over Body!!



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