Owner of Satin Finish, Pete Ajello and American Epoxy Do it Again!! For All You Cat and Dog Lovers, Get Ready for A New Trend Across Florida!

For those of you who love your cats and dogs, Peter Ajello and Dan Bowman, owners of Satin Finish Concrete and American Epoxy have joined forces again to create a unique Epoxy blend for a chain of stores catering to all your pup’s and feline’s appetites! Meals for Dogs is about to hit Florida in a big way!!

Meals for dogs is a growing team of dedicated people striving to make their company a source for good, healthy canine meals in a loving, family-style commercial kitchen. Their recipes are South Florida inspired and will be sure to transform the way you feed your furry friends forever!

The grand opening should be in 4-6 weeks, so come take care of your pets and check out our new floor at the same time! Like Pete Ajello would say, “Your Floors Could Be Next!”

As Pete Ajello would say, “Life is all Mind Over Body,” and loves taking pride in each project as he is grateful for every day of his life after a near death experience. Stop in our office and say hello! You can read more about Pete’s personal journey at http://www.PeterAjello.com. Peter has been on the Emmy award winning Doctor’s show, Dr. Oz, Japan’s The Best House123 on Fuji TV, Live Healthy With Adam Kuperstein, NBC, Fox News, Australia’s The Jackie and Kyle O Today Show, Oprah’s Life Class as a guest of Brett Michaels and in thousands of international articles.

Please visit our office, conveniently located at 1340 Stirling Rd. Suite 1A in Dania Beach, Fl 33304. We would be more than happy to accommodate your flooring or painting projects!

We also specialize in Terrazzo and Marble restoration, along with Exterior and Interior Painting.

Visit us at:



Follow us on Face Book: http://www.facebook.com/SatinFinishConcrete

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSLAf92UHpYsFXFikJqReHA

Contact Peter Ajello for a free estimate @ 954-678-8160



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