Satin Finish Concrete and American Epoxy Systems are Smashing South Florida!

Satin Finish Concrete and American Epoxy Systems are smashing South Florida with these two uniquely combined owners, Peter Ajello owner of Satin Finish Concrete and also a national weight loss celebrity that has appeared on shows such as The Doctors, Oprah, and Dr. Oz, along with Dan Bowman, owner of American Epoxy Systems, have combined forces and are surprising the country with their absolutely beautiful State of the Art Epoxy Flooring. Dan Bowman has years of expertise of Epoxy installation and flooring techniques, and Peter Ajello’s strong persona to deal with clients and manage the projects, it is a dueling recipe for success!

Concrete Polishing is now a fading fad as over time, even the best concrete floors begin to deteriorate and revert back to the ingredients comprising concrete, (sand, gravel and water), causing divots, cracks and chips. A professionally applied epoxy floor will seal and protect the concrete from elements that break down the floor as well as provide an easy to clean, aesthetic appearance. This ultra-unique flooring infused with innovative design  is sure to make a bold statement in any room has a reputation for satisfying customers seeking extraordinary results and awe-inspiring envy!  Once applied to any existing hard surface, the epoxy floor coating will retain a high gloss finish which resists stains, chipping, peelings, and fading. The floor surface texture can be made to your specification, as smooth or textured, as you like. 

***If you live in South Florida, I would highly suggest that you go visit the following locations to view this amazing duo’s flooring:

  • LaBamba:
  • 4245 N Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
  • Ouidad Flagship Salon:
  • 3530 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
  • Haverty’s Furniture Store (Terrazzo Restoration):
  • 3700 N Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308
  • Embassy Towers:
  • 2701 N. Ocean Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33308


On another note, Satin Finish Concrete’s client, Igor Araujo, who is a world premier hair stylist and the owner of Ouiddad Flagship Salon was so impressed with the Metallic Epoxy Flooring that was installed in his brand new salon located in Fort Lauderdale, that he gave SFC an amazing gift as a thank you by featuring them in Healthy Magazine!

Born in Brazil, Igor Araujo brings the passion, energy and zest for life of that cultural region to his work. Igor gravitated toward hair coloring from an early age and has perfected his craft to such a high level of excellence that he is both a Ouidad Certified Stylist, highly knowledgeable about the sculpture of curly hair, and a Goldwell Technical Artist, for which he travels to Goldwell’s Academies in New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore to continually learn more and raise the bar of his coloring skills. I would highly suggest making an appointment with him if you are looking for an outstanding stylist!

Satin Finish Concrete Featured in Healthy Magazine (picture below)


For a FREE Estimate,

contact Peter Ajello at 954-678-8160


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By: Elizabeth A. Walk


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