Benjamins Group is on the Rise as Satin Finish Concrete Completes More Wall Polishing!

4-26-16- Satin Finish Concrete’s long-time with Benjamins Group is on the rise! As they have been clients for half a decade through numerous of projects together!


Benjamins Group Logo

Benjamins Group, A Residential Development & Construction Company.


Developing high-end residences that combine innovative architecture with high-quality construction. Along with creating trend-setting Miami residences appropriate for both residential and urban settings, Benjamins Group — one of the most reputable up-and-coming Miami residential developers in the industry — seeks to enrich its community with quality and design that elevate our clients lifestyles and expectations for what a home can do. In addition, Benjamins Group is committed to ensuring that the design and construction of every home is unique, quality driven, and an inspiration.

The genesis of the Benjamins Group,  its mission and its name, was inspired by Matthew Shear’s grandfather, Benjamin Bedzow.

10000W Broadview Dr
Bay Harbor Islands, FL

Enjoy 60′ of water frontage and spectacular views from this exceptionally modern, newly constructed home. The home was built by acclaimed developer & builder Benjamins Group on the exclusive Bay Harbor Islands. Built in a tropical modern design influenced by Caribbean vernacular details, this custom home showcases craftsmanship, leisurely island living, with soaring 20 foot ceilings. Satin Finish Concrete’s work was impressive as they polished, stained, and sealed the driveway, sidewalks, and patio of this breathtaking home. In fact, the clients were so ecstatic with the work SFC completed with the concrete polishing, they hired them to polish and clean the Terrazzo flooring!

9740 W Broadview Dr,
Bay Harbor Islands, FL

From the renowned architect, Luis Revuelta, famed for his iconic Miami skyscrapers, this house exhibits the height of Miami modern elegance. Good design, and a host of lavish amenities, makes this house anyone’s dream home. Satin Finish Concrete executed to perfection the polishing of 2-story walls, and all of the balconies!


These are just some of the spectacular jobs that Benjamins Group, and the famous Peter Ajello have worked on together as they still have some projects that have yet to be completed and are in the works. Together, this electric and exciting duo are unstoppable and are taking the industry by force! The proof is within the work!

If you would like a free estimate, call Peter Ajello at 954-678-8160.

On another note, Peter Ajello continues his amazing journey as a national weight loss celebrity! He has just finished the amazing movie screen play to his life story, and how it all began. This is a movie masterpiece that we will be excitedly waiting for!

By: Elizabeth A. Walk


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