Satin Finish Painting’s New Commercial Hits South Florida Channels, along with Peter Ajello’s Engagement!

3-29-2016 – Satin Finish Painting’s new commercial hits South Florida over the weekend! Ironically at the same time the commercial aired, Peter Ajello proposed to his long-term girlfriend Aimee Emond.

The engagement was a spectacular event, as he asked her hand in marriage at her family reunion in Canada!  Her friends, and family have known for a while about the beautiful engagement ring, and they were able to keep Aimee from knowing the big plans. From what I know personally, this is a very hard thing to do! These two were made for each other, and she was the last piece to Peter’s empire!

The painting commercial link below, are only some of the amazing projects that Satin Finish Painting completed. As I have mentioned before, all of Satin Finish Painting’s projects, whatever the size or budget, are carried out with the highest possible degree of care and attention to detail and customer service. They are more than happy to discuss specifications, color schemes and budgets to enable you to achieve the desired interior or exterior look and finish for your home or company. They communicate carefully with their clients to ensure that they understand their requirements completely. Each job is planned carefully to ensure the work is carried out to a high standard, and with minimum disruption to your home, workplace, or business operation.



If you are looking for a professional service, expert workmanship and fully qualified painters, they are here to help. They specialize in all aspects of painting:


•Complete Interior & Exterior Painting for Residential and Commercial
•Acoustic Popcorn Ceiling Texture Removal •Pressure Washing
•Design Advice
•Wallpaper Removal
•Sanding and Finishing •Deck & Patio
•Stain Application (Wood and Patio)
•Textured Walls & Ceilings
•Decorative Painting
•Crown Molding

Call Peter Ajello at 954-678-8160 for a free estimate!

On a back end note, Peter Ajello’s empire continues to grow at such a rapid pace, that it is no wonder that he is the celebrity that he is. His drive, determination, and goals are what makes him so successful. Now, with his fiancee’ by his side, her charisma and charm will only push him further!

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By: Elizabeth A. Walk


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