The Boss is all “Mind Over Body”!

 Sunrise, Florida – February 16th, 2016 – Bruce Springsteen 

Bruce pic 2

Upon arriving I could feel the energy of the fans. It gave me goose bumps on my arms, as thoughts ran through my head remembering my first show over thirty years ago when I was thirteen years old at Giant Stadium in my home state of New Jersey. The excitement built as we all waited for the first strum of the guitar. It was my girlfriend Aimee’s first Bruce Springsteen concert, and my seventeenth. Finally, my favorite artist who is now 66 years old hit the stage with the E street Band. Aimee asked me because she couldn’t understand at the end of the first song why everyone was booing so loudly! I had a nice chuckle, as I explained to her that the fans were not booing, but they were screaming his name B-R-UUUUU-C-E! 


Bruce pic 1

Almost three hours later after finishing the Full River Album, the Greatest Hits came out. I was waiting patiently for my favorite song “The Rising” to start. When he started to play the song, it made me think back of what the music did for me when I had needed it the most. Battling my life to lose weight as I weighed over 450 pounds! The songs lyrics talk about “change and transition”. The same song that was played when the Miami Heat won the championship in the streets of down town Miami. As I sat with my girlfriend, and my friends B-GIN, and Aaron I thought to myself if they only knew that this song was the reason that I was here alive tonight to be here with them. As it gave me the hope and inspiration that I needed to change my life in order to lose 200 pounds.

The show was magic, and the passion Bruce brings to the night is something that you have to witness first hand as a life experience. Once again, another excellent show by the “Boss”! I am always grateful for your music!


In my publication Mind Over Body, Chapter 7 – The Rising, was dedicated to Bruce Springsteen as a crucial part of my journey and upcoming screen play. 

bruce and cover mob

Chapter 7 Rising

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1 thought on “The Boss is all “Mind Over Body”!

  1. I just re read the chapter The Rising in Mind Over Body. After seeing the show, I now understand how it inspired you. What a great night! Because the Night and Dancing In the Dark were my favorites! I’m glad I got to experience that with you! Xoxo Ballerina girl


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