SATIN FINISH CONCRETE: Peter Ajello starts a Concrete Polishing and Terrazzo and Marble Restoration company!

This man can do everything!

Not only is he a weight loss sensation in South Florida, but he has also opened a business called Satin Finish Concrete, Terrazzo and Marble Restoration, Inc. His company specializes in Polished Concrete, and Terrazzo and Marble Restorations. The company takes old flooring and restores it to look brand new again with a high gloss shine, but most of all at an affordable price! The company has been working on million dollar homes that are located in Bal Harbour (Miami), Florida all the way to Haverty’s Furniture Store, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company has already made over 50 outstanding references for past jobs, and continues to strive to go above and beyond a clients expectation.

Check out his company website at, or contact Peter Ajello for a free estimate at 954-678-8160.

Please visit his YouTube page to watch his team in action, and to view his new commercial:

There is no doubt in my mind, that we expect big things from Peter Ajello!

-Elizabeth Walk


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